Hands On Guides

Our practical guide is published as a book in paperback, eBook, and Audiobook formats. It can be extended with group or individual coaching services.

Training Sessions

We are teaching participants how to become fixers and Crisis Managers. Primary focus on the mindset required.

Held multiple times a year in major European cities.

Hands on Fixing on Site

Our team is ready to work with you to fix problems with or for you. Short or long term. This engagement is for selected clients only.

About Us

Group of Crisis Managers
and Functional Experts

Our firm specializes in crisis management and was founded by Luciana, Gabor, and a team of experts. We aim to train and develop more experts like ourselves so that companies can be well-equipped with skilled team members to handle critical events. By leveraging our expertise, companies can learn how to navigate the turbulent waters of crisis management successfully.

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Why Choose us

Learn from and work with the experienced

Our principal founding members have worked in various industries on turnarounds, cultural shifts, quick crisis fixes, bankruptcy avoidance projects, etc.
We have a large group of consultants who specialize in functional area expertise and have crisis management projects under their belt.  We can provide the service you need. Our principal founding members have extensive experience leading turnarounds, implementing cultural shifts, executing quick crisis fixes, and steering bankruptcy avoidance projects, among other initiatives. In addition, we have a diverse group of consultants who specialize in functional area expertise and have completed various crisis management projects. We are equipped to provide you with the services you need, whether that involves training, coaching, or hands-on project work.

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services we offer you

Method, Coaching, Training... Or In Person Delivery

Step by Step Guidebook

A guide to becoming a crisis manager, including step-by-step instructions and tools for transitioning from a managerial role.

Practical Training Course

Ready to gain an immersive experience to shift your mind from being a manager to becoming a crisis-handling master? Our 3-day courses are held regularly.

Small Group Coaching

For our clients, we offer small group online coaching sessions by our principal practitioners to support their crisis manager journey.

Short Term On Site Projects

We provide one to three months of expert support to help you resolve crisis situations and achieve success. Let us give a hand in crisis situations!

Individual Coaching

We assign a personal coach from our team of experts for our partners who need more support in their cases.

Full Turnaround On Site

Do you need more time to handle a situation or the right team to resolve a problem? Let us take over so you can get back to business as usual! Guaranteed!

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“A crisis is an opportunity riding a dangerous wind.” — Chinese Proverb

How much does it cost to Start

Step By Step Starter Guidebook

Sample Starter Step

5.00 0.00
  • Practical Guide to Start
  • How to identify problems
  • How to analyse data
  • How deal with people
  • Available as eBook or Audiobook

STrarter Guide by Chapter

  • Roadmap to crisis management
  • Preparing the Team to Handel Crisis
  • Communication in Crisis
  • Rebuilding Trust
  • Turning off Crisis Management mode... and more

Full Starter Guide

75.00 50.00
  • All 15 chapters
  • Case studies and examples
  • Template Guides
  • Guide to your mindset change
  • Available as Audiobook, Paperback or eBook

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